Gift sized custom portrait

This is a heart-melting whimsical portrait series. In earlier days, my travel cats came more from my imagination and gut instinct. This custom portrait brings me back to the raw spirit. Based on your shared story and description, I capture one’s uniqueness intuitively. It is a smaller sized portrait with a little faster turn out ;)

Create you or your loved one into one-of-a-kind travel cat (or dog)! 





8" x 8" 

Estimate date

please contact me for the current booking status!



  1. Apply using online application or via email

  2. Tell me about yourself (or whoever is the model) 

  3. Send photos, and payment 

  4. Cozy wait time

  5. First meeting digitally. 

  6. Receive the painting in the mail. 



  • Please make a schedule with plenty of time! Let me know if you have a target date! 

  • Painting itself takes 1 days- 3 days usually after I receive all the materials and payment.  

  • U.S. domestic Shipping cost is $5.00 (via Usps priority mail) or Free local pick-up