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Photo by Olli Tumelius

Hi, my name is Mari. (she/they)  I'm a Seattle-based Japanese artist, born in Tokyo and grew up in Chiba Japan. I moved to the emerald city permanently in the Spring of 2009, ever since then, the Pacific Northwest has been my second home. The misty forest air treats me so gently here.

Each moment is once in a lifetime.

Everything changes constantly, nothing remains tangible forever.

This sentimental and beautiful cycle of life has been my creative inspiration. I am thrilled to use media such as comics, watercolors, and stop-motion animation to tell stories and express the nostalgic, heartfelt vibrations that light my heart like a candle.


I have always been intuitive, but it wasn't until the last few years that I was able to credence it. During my journey of self-healing, I met the world of Energy healing, which brought a new chapter into my life. I am currently enjoying co-creating with cosmic healing energies and creating art while continuing my transformation journey. 

Music is my happiness. I have played lead guitar in a punk rock band called Poop Attack!  and fiddle in the Rats in the Grass, a string band for the last ten years. Playing music with my friends was like riding magic carpets with my favorite humans. My recent dream is to travel around the world with my fiddle :)

I am an artist, a musician, a healer, and a mother... a curious multi-potential being!  :) 




2014 Artist Trust Fellowship 










音楽が大好きで、シアトルに越してきてからパンクロックバンドのPoop Attack!  ではリードギター、Rats in the Grassではフィドル担当し、魔法の絨毯に乗ったかのような奇跡の日々を仲間たちと10年間を過ごす。モンタナの風景を抜けてノースダコタ州までアメリカ大陸を半横断するツアーを行う。最近の夢はフィドルと一緒に音楽で旅して新しい風景に会いにゆくこと。







2014年度 アーティスト・トラスト・フェローシップ 

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