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Hello, My name is Mari Ichimasu. I am an artist, a stop-motion animator from Chiba, Japan, based in Seattle, Washington. I have found passion in visualizing and bringing imagination to life since my early teenage years.


From time to time, creating art was a healing act; acknowledging melancholy, embracing the vibration held, and creating a piece to integrate. 


I fell in love with the mastery of stop-motion/puppet animation while in college. I created a story based on my grandmother Sanpomichi and am currently working on this project. 

Oze National Park (Japan) is one of my favorite places that my father took me for a backpacking trip. It was where I discovered my love of nature and experienced the deep cleansing power of the old beech forest. I named my art studio Little Oze after this special spot. 

Fur Coats and Backpacks is a series of watercolor portraits of traveling cats with their poems. after years of painting furry vagabonds, the collection is published as a book by Chin Music Press. the Travel Cat Art Exhibit will be held at the Seattle Japanese Garden, Arboretum in May 2024. 


Singing, laughing, traveling, fiddling, my acoustic guitar, crystal bowls, nature, stars, campfire, books and coffee, twilight, Mugwort, candle 



2014 Artist Trust Fellowship 



旅する猫たち"Fur Coats & Backpacks" 著者



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