Hi! My name is Mari, I am an artist located in Seattle, Washington working in painting, drawing and stop-motion animation. I was born in Tokyo, and raised in Chiba, Japan. Soon after moving to Seattle in 2009, I started creating zines and drawings to show at local venues and markets.

Bringing an indivisual to life courteously, collecting and connecting to orchestrate an art piece has been my style of expression. One of my current main projects is a stop motion animated film titled SanpomichiThe story is inspired by and based on my grandmother and aunt who lived together for decades in Tokyo.


Playing music with friends is my happiness! I occasionally shred guitar in the band Poop Attack! and play fiddle in Rats in the Grass.  I also love singing songs along with my daughter Sola.

I release my work on an art label called Little Oze. It is named after my favorite national park "Oze" in Japan where I experienced a deep soul cleansing by the beech virgin forest. 

AWARD  Artist Trust Fellowship 2014

Photo by Olli Tumelius

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