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8 x 8 custom portrait

Little Travel Cat vagabonds Series 

This is another traveling cat portraits that will melt your heart. I started "Fur Coats & Backpacks" as a series of travel cat portraits in 2013, and over the past eight years, my style and intention have evolved a bit. Now that the journey has entered a new phase, a desire popped up in me. That is, to go back to the very beginning. At that time, I had a genuine desire to simply depict the wandering furry beings and to feel them. Most of them came from the world of my imagination, influenced by emotions and scenes. Back then they were a bit more comical and playful in style and I had so much fun creating them. I would be happy to welcome such a style from those days as a new menu item! I am committed to continue to create the cutest wandering furry free-spirited travelers in a smaller size, 8 inch by 8 inch, which is close to the original size back then. 


I look forward to meeting many beautiful souls to collaborate with! 

For any questions, please contact me!

watercolored custom portrait

8" x 8"



Estimate date

please contact me for a current booking status!


  1. via Contact form or email

  2. Please tell me about the love and send photos

  3. Tuning in, connecting, painting

  4. First meeting digitally

  5. New departure. mailing to you :) 


  • Currently I can only take 1~2 custom orders per month, so please make sure we schedule with plenty of time ahead! Let me know if you have a target date or in hurry. I' see what I can do!

  • U.S. domestic Shipping is included in the price! (USPS Flat rate envelope) 

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