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Travel cats custom portrait

Thank you for being interested in Travel Cats' custom portrait! Every encounter, I tune into one’s energy and capture the wind they rise. In the procedure, I take time, go into detail visually and in character, and infuse a drop of fantasy. I intend to portray each one’s soul and their uniqueness.


Are you ready to become a free-spirited travel cat? Is your furry friend craving a wild adventure? I would love to get to know you and celebrate your eternal soul journey. Let's light a lantern together, and tell me your story tonight 


Watercolor on paper

Paper size & price 

Standard     9" x 12" ... $380 

Little fur -series  8" x 8"   ... $220

Price is updated on November 2023 

Estimated time 

I take plenty of time for each portrait and also take a break often from this service to stay fresh. please check in with me about the schedule, let me know if you have any special dates you would like me to finish by.


  1. Contact me via Email: 

  2. I would love to get to know you / your love

  3. I start painting 

  4. A first meeting via Email digitally

  5. Receive the original painting in the mail 


♡Your story is so essential! At the beginning, please share stories, favorite things to do, happy items... and many pictures!  This will help me to enter one's world with depth. 

♡Let me know if you have a target date and I will do my best to meet it.



“Our Maki is a very multi colored kitty, Mari got all of her spots and stripes and her sweet little face just right! Her watercolors are just as soft as the subject.”


“Mari did an amazing job capturing  Maki's

personality, and her love of plants! Absolutely beautiful and perfect rendering of our precious girl.”



 I love Mari’s Cat Portraits. Her skilled hand creates every thoughtful detail that really embodies the subject and also breathes life to each cat portrait. I can look at the portraits I own for hours. One of the best feelings I've had was giving them as gifts and seeing the amazement and wonder in the eye of the recipient. Thank you, Mari.


-Jose Tapia


“Mari created the most magical portrait of our dog, Cody, as he sets off on a great backpacking adventure.  His portrait is one of our family's most treasured items.  Working with Mari was a delight - I could not have had a better experience! ”


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