Fur coats and Backpacks

"Cross shallow rivers as if they are deep."  -Michio Hoshino


I love listening to stories of adventurers. A Japanese photographer Michio Hoshio is one of my favorite travelers. His stories, thoughts and works have given me so much inspiration. After reading his books I started craving to create, and paint a bundle of traveling characters each on their own lone journey. Individually they are all so unique and free spirited following their passion. Then I had a strong desire to tune into each one of them deeply, hanging out and listening to stories and feeling their atmosphere. I wanted to add fine details, not just superficial, but capturing their internal monologues as well. 


I also started wondering how enormous of an energy it would become if those distinctive fearless main-characters bundled up. My curiosity and fascination led me to start this project. Fur coats and Backpacks is a series of traveling cats.  Every day is a new departure, every moment is a new beginning. We all are on our own soul journey.   


9" x 12" Watercolor and cat poems / 2013 - Ongoing

Instagram account:  @furcoatsandbackpacks 

Click each one for their poem below!